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Of course it was only obvious for me to create a post reviewing the new Chanel products I picked up from their counter in the Bon-Ton department store! I have been lusting over these few Chanel products for quite sometime. If you have been eyeing up a Chanel Makeup/Skincare item or 2 then you must catch this sale! It is called their Goodwill Sale event. If you donate an item in-store they will give you 15-25% percent off! (The Chanel counter near me offered 20% off) It is going on until October 3, 2015. I was informed that they run this sale 2 times a year! Start making your wishlist!

The first 2 items I want to give you guys a review on is their Le Blanc de Chanel Facial Primer and the Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The primer is brightening and illuminating, and it is also pore/line filling. The thicker consistency allows it to lay on the skin's surface and smooth it out. I can truly say this primer is great for absolutely any skin type. The glow this primer gives you is not sparkly or glittery it is just truly brightening! It retails for $45.

The foundation is total opposite from the primer. It is very lightweight. This foundation provides a light to medium coverage. I would best recommend this foundation for someone who has normal to dry skin or for someone with more aged skin. It is a dewy foundation. If you are someone with oily skin this wouldn't be the foundation for you. This foundation lays beautifully on the skin and it gives you such a natural finish, but yet still looks airbrushed! Just GORGEOUS! It Retails for $47.

I know eww! I had to use it to give you all a honest review. Besides the point, this Universal Bronzer (the Soleil Tan de Chanel) is the perfect shade. I feared this cream bronzer for so long due to it appearing to be too "orange" in tone.. well it's not! It is PERFECTION! It is such a great shade, Once blended on to your face it is so natural and easy to work with. This product is 1 full fluid ounce so you receive a ton of product, so it is an item that will last you! It retails for $48.

I can call this my absolute favorite mascara that I have discover thus far! This is the Le Volume de Chanel Mascara (I feel so fancy saying these names..). This mascara brush is rubber and has really short fine rubber bristles. This is not a mascara wand I would have normally chosen, but it does WONDERS for the lashes! So much volume and length.. Since the bristles are so short I feel it is so easy to get straight to the lash base and really hug at your lashes. It layers easily and doesn't transfer one bit (this isn't even waterproof!). There are a few different shades to choose from and waterproof is also an option! It retails for $32.

I definitely took advantage of this sale! I am so excited to try some more Chanel products out in the future. I am IN LOVE!

To check out a full review and demo on these items I posted a video on my YouTube channel:


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