Gorgeous Dress

Comfortable, Classy & A Little Sexy!

Okay, let me start by saying this dress cost less than $50! The material is so incredibly comfortable and lightweight for those hot summer days. AND it doesn't wrinkle! I bundled this up in a suitcase to travel for our wedding week and I swore I would have to steam it, but to my surprise it was perfect when I finally unloaded my suitcase!

Can we talk about the detail on this dress! I love the floral design to start with. It's more subtle and not too over done. The detail alone on the back is so well thought out and flattering. (It doesn't hug in all the wrong places.) 

I am the biggest fan of high neck pieces! I think they look so stunning and classy. This piece is no acceptation. 

This will be my official go-to summer dress for special events of even date night with my hubby!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!
I missed blogging like crazy, I am so happy to be back!

Wedding post to come...

Love Always,