Ponchos for Fall

Details: Poncho: Check out this Super Cute one! (Nordstrom's), Black Top: My FAVORITE! (Nordstrom's), Leggings (Nordstrom), Boots (LLBean)

Ponchos are one of my favorite accessories as we move into the colder weather! Nordstrom doesn't currently carry this particular poncho anymore, but I linked one that I am totally obsessed with! I also found some great poncho's from Francesca's

Ponchos/Capes make dressing up so easy! I threw this over top of a basic black t-shirt and some comfy black leggings. SO SIMPLE! (I linked some of my favorite basic pieces!)  
Did I mention they are super warm and cozy!?  

Okay.. So let's talk about these boots!
Everyone Needs a pair of Leather Brown Boots. They pair well with everything. I love mixing these in as a pop with an almost all black outfit. I purchased these from LLBean. Their quality is incredible, and everything is made here in the states. They just brought them back again this year!

I am loving these outfit post for the fall time! If it isn't already obvious, I am fall obsessed!

I hope you all are enjoying my post as much as I love writing them!

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Go-To Fall Workout Attire

I probably wear workout clothing the majority of the time, which is way more often than I should. There is just something about these leggings that are SO COMFORTABLE! These are definitely a splurge, but well worth the hefty price point! Scroll down for all the details..

Details: Green Top: (Lululemon), Vest: Similar to (Macy's), Leggings: (Lululemon), & Sneakers: Similar to (Under Armor)

I have been drooling over lululemon workout gear since I could remember. Everyone would rave about their leggings and their unique bra designs. Finally I cave. About 2 years ago I found a lululemon outlet and purchased my first pair of their leggings. I have been hooked ever since!

So the black pair of leggings I am wearing I have purchased recently and was able to find the exact pair. The pockets on these leggings are my life savor (4 of them to be exact). I love the mesh design inside the legs, it changes up the typical boring black legging.

I bought my Hunter Green Lululemon shirt at their outlets, but I linked the same style from their website. The sleeves and the torso are both made longer, which I love!

As for the vest, I love a fitted workout vest to run around in post workout or for taking walks. This is so light weight and can dress up your basic fitness attire. 

Of course when I saw hunter green sneakers at the Under Armor Outlet, I snatched these babies up! Hunter Green is one of my favorite colors to wear, plus these sneakers were on super sale! I paid less than $40. Steal! I love a good deal, especially on running sneakers that I tend to go through twice a year!

Always hit up the outlets for any workout attire! They always run huge sales. 

So obviously this outfit isn't super fancy, but I wanted to share with you one way of dressing up even the most basic workout attire. Layering is always a go to for me!

Let me know what you guys  think of the workout post! Definitely something newer for the blog, but I really enjoyed sharing this post with you guys!

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Adding a Feminine Touch to a Chunky Knit Cardigan

Details: White Blouse: (Similar to H&M), Cardigan: (Similar to Forever 21), Jeans: (Express), Shoes: (francesca's)

Can I first off mention how many incredible places there are in Gettysburg, PA to take photos for my blog. Such a beautiful town! 

I love layering outfits for fall, I am all about being cozy and comfortable! I love the look of a chunky oversized cardigan paired with a feminine blouse. Let's be honest, sometimes those super chunky sweaters can look frumpy! Pairing it with a laced, floral, or ruffled blouse really brings a classier more feminine look. This cardigan is like toting around a snuggy, but a bit more classy. The air was brisk this day so this cardigan was the perfect transition piece for the fall weather.

I linked some similar items from the same stores I purchased the items I own from! As you can see it is easy to find affordable fashion (most of these pieces I have owned for a few years and they look the same as the day I purchased them.)

So I have to mention my distressed Jeans. These are my first ever pair of Express Jeans. I must say I am totally obsessed. I am super picky with my jeans, but needed to branch out from the same American Eagle Jeans I wore in High School (I have worn the same size for literally 10 + years). After hearing my best friend rave about these jeans, I finally caved. I'm hooked and will only ever buy my jeans from there. They are reasonably priced, fit true to size, and are so comfortable!

Be sure to purchase their Jeans on a Sale! They are always running some sort of Jean Sale!

Can we talk about these shoes?! Francesca's Shoe Game is Strong! These beautiful scalloped perforated sandals are so unique and are so affordable! They retail for $58. Again, I purchased mine on a sale and got them for under $50. 

I bought these with the intent of wearing them for some upcoming weddings, but I broke them out sooner. They are so comfortable! These are the perfect adjustment into the fall weather. Your feet are covered enough so they won't freeze, but are open and allow your feet to breath! The color is my absolute favorite. It literally compliments any outfit.

Polish: Sew Psyched (Essie)

If you don't follow me on my YouTube Channel, the link is at the top of my blog. I mentioned this polish in a recent Fall Essentials video! I love a Hunter Green Polish for the fall!

My next post is all about my go-to Fall workout outfit! 
Check back later this week to see all the details!

Lots of Love!
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Floral Blouses & Ankle Booties

Details: Blouse (Nordstrom), Jeans (Nordstrom), Booties (Francesca's)
Every Fall I bring out my favorite maroon jeggings (I listed a similar pair from nordstrom). A deep burgundy shade is always a go to of mine for fall. The floral blouse I picked up from Nordstrom a few months back (again I linked one that has the same colors and floral scheme). Floral prints add such a feminine, classy touch to an outfit. I am loving the cross neck detail that has become so popular over the past year. 

 Seriously, can Francesca's get any cuter! I am obsessed with the fashion carried at Francesca's. It's a boutique type store, so when you find a piece you want.. PURCHASE IT! Their stock runs out often, but that just means they restock with all new pieces! They always host deals and specials each week. (Sign up for their email notifications to be notified weekly)

These booties were a must! They retail for $64, but I waited for a 30% off deal and ended up paying under $50. The quality of the shoe is very impressive for the price. (If you are anything like me and struggle walking in heels, you will love these!) We walked around town to some coffee shops and markets and they were pretty comfortable! They come in 3 shades:  Black, Olive & Taupe. I kind of wish I bought the olive pair too!


Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I always get back into fashion post around this time. I plan to stick with it this time! With the new blog design, I have been more encouraged to post 1-2 times a week!

You can follow me on instagram by clicking on the link! I will share there as soon as a new post is up!

Love Always,

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My Wedding Dress, Accessories & Bridal Gifts

Details: Robe: Pretty Plum Sugar, Garter: BHDLN, Bracelet: Francesca's, Earrings: Francesca's

As promised, I have been eager to share all the details of my wedding day! I will cover everything from my dress, Cody's suit even down to the cake topper. Like I mentioned in my previous post, our wedding was quite simple. A lot of the small details were taken care of for us by the Sanderling Resort.

Let's talk about my dress and his suit!

Details: Dress: (Maggie Sottero) & Suit: (Men's Warehouse)

All of the Dresses from Maggie Sottero are absolutely stunning. I picked out 3 different dresses while I was hunting for the perfect dress, and each of them were from this designer. I can't find my exact dress because it was purchased over a year ago, but any of her designs are gorgeous!

As for Cody's Suit, again I can't find the exact one but I linked one similar. He blew me away with his choice for our wedding day. He picked out his entire outfit without any help from me. Men's Warehouse hooked him up with the outfit he had in mind and He looked incredible!

Sandals:(BHDLN)Shoes: (Kohl's)

As for my sandals, I found these pair off one of my favorite bridal websites! I linked the exact pair. With the idea of walking on the sand, I knew I would need a dressier pair of sandals. If these aren't formal enough, I would highly recommend them for your honeymoon! The beading detail and metals are perfection!

Okay So I covered all the details of Cody and I's outfit.. Let's talk about my "bridesmaids". From the photos you can see that I didn't actually have any of the girls stand beside me on my wedding day. (Truth be told, I didn't want to have to pick anyone for maid of honor.) As gifts to my girls, I bought them each custom hangers and silk pale pink robes.

Robes: (Fox Blossom), Hangers (Fox Blossom)

As for dresses, I left each of my girls up to picking their own dresses. I said they can all do different shades of pink dresses. I wanted them to pick something they liked, and would possibly use again. Most of the girls shopped Lulu's. They have a ton of affordable fashion and perfect formal pieces.

I hope you guys all enjoyed this in depth post sharing all the little details about Cody and I's Wedding day! Feel free to leave any questions down below, and I will be sure to answer each of them!


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Our Wedding Day

After 5 months of marriage, I am finally making a post sharing all the details of our wedding day!

Cody and I didn't have a large elaborate wedding. We always new we wanted something smaller and more personal. The Sanderling Resort was the perfect location for our wedding. The resort was located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They had a variety of options for the size wedding we had imagined.

The resort made wedding planning minimal stress and so simple. They provided the most incredible wedding coordinator. She took care of connecting me with a delicious bakery, talented flourish, and incredible Reverend. Everything was so simple for Cody and I's busy schedule.

The original plan was to have the ceremony on the beach, and the reception inside this beautiful location. Well they always say rain is "good luck". We ended up having our ceremony and reception indoors. Luckily there was a break in the rain, so we were able to get a few outdoor shots on the beach and the "bayside".

One of the perks to booking at the Sanderling Resort was their 2 night stay at the resort. We plan to revisit for anniversaries to come! 

Cody and I truly couldn't imagine a more beautiful venue for such a special day. Our Wedding day was stress free. We were surrounded by those we love most and I can truly say my heart has never felt so full. 

After almost 9 years together, I can officially call Cody my Hubby. God has given me such a wonderful man to walk through life with. I love sharing our journey with each of you through blog post, vlogs, & more. 

I will be sharing a separate post sharing all the details to my dress, accessories and etc.
Details to come soon!


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