Farmhouse Shabby Chic Laundry Room Renovation

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Today's post is so exciting and totally different. HOME RENOVATION PROJECT!? Cody and I have so many projects planned for our home. We moved into our home September of 2016, and since then we have been doing so much to our home. We started with doing a DIY Back Splash in our kitchen, (total Success.. I no longer have before photos or I would post them..) we had a patio and fire pit installed in our backyard, we also had a fence installed, and are currently finishing our basement!

Future Plans include: (Obviously finished the basement and DECORATING!) Possibly Baby Room Projects/Makeovers, Pantry Makeover, Installing Built-in Bar/Office area in our kitchen, and possibly some bathroom upgrades!

As for today's post: DIY Laundry Room Makeover

Of course I thank Joanna Gaines for making shiplap famous! I, like most people, am so obsessed. I wasn't sure how it would turn out so the Laundry room was a trial run. 

How Cute is this Sign?! So this is one that is based off of the one from Magnolia Market Shop Online. I loved it, but wanted it in white. I started searching around Etsy and Found this one: Teal Barn Signs. (It comes in multiple shades and I love the framing!) 
I was so impressed with the company. The sign came packaged beautifully and the quality is incredible!

Before installing the shiplap and shelving there was just a wire shelf and rack.. pretty basic!


So what we used for the shiplap was something called Tongue and Groove. We bought an unfinished pine material. (This made the ship lap appearance without having to use spacers to space out the wood. I will be honest I do think I would use plywood it is way easier to cut and customize because the plywood doesn't need to lock in.) The Tongue and groove does have its perks though:
  • You DO NOT need to paint the back wall! you can pain the spacing between the boards making it so easy!
  • No Spacers. This saves so much time.. the boards just click into each other like a puzzle. SO SIMPLE.
  • The Tongue and Groove we bough has 2 different sides. You can do a larger or smaller sized shiplap. (If you look closely, we realized this after the wall was intact. One of the boards is reversed. OOPS!)
As for the Color I used to paint the Shiplap (AKA Tongue and Groove).. Sherwin Williams Alabaster was the perfect color!

..for the shelving we bought pine lumbar and added in a giant folding area on top of the washer and drier along with 2 shelves. We used Oxford Brown Stain. We only did one thin layer of the stain in a semi transparent and finished it with a coat of polyurethane to protect the shelving.  

Baskets: Target

We bought the black metal hardware for the shelves from our local Ace Hardware. These are way over priced online. In store they are under $10 each. 

And for the rod that is holding our hangers..
my husband bought galvanized piping that was pre cut to the size I wanted. He primed and spray painted the piping black and it was perfect!

Okay the wall color.. I struggled to get our entire house color matched. This color was suppose to match but it was a fail (No one can match it...). I tried to find something similar and Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist is similar. 

Ironing Board: Target

I think I covered almost all of the details! If you have any questions leave a comment down below! I am loving these home renovation projects. 

More renovation updates coming soon!

Layering with an Anorak Jacket

Details: Jacket Similar to: (Nordstrom's), Maroon Hoodie Similar to (Nordstrom's), Distressed Denim Similar to: (Francesca's), & Booties Similar to (Nordstrom's)

 One of my favorite pieces I picked up this fall was my anorak style jacket. This style jacket has been around for years, it's a classic that never goes out of style. I linked one similar that I found at nordstrom's and it's on sale! (Literally my entire outfit is from Francesca's, if you check your local one they may have these pieces in stock!) 

My lifestyle is so hectic. If I am not wearing scrubs (For my mammography/x-ray career) or all black(as a makeup artist) , I typically prefer to be as comfortable as possible!

When I saw this feminine style hoodie, I was obsessed! I linked one similar that I found at Nordstrom, but it's almost double the price! I highly recommend looking at your local Francesca's to see if you can find it on the racks there. I love the high low cut and the maroon color is perfection. I did size up to a large for a more oversized look..

I am the pickiest person when it comes to my denim! I struggle finding affordable jeans that are comfortable. Francesca's Jeans are incredible and so affordable. They often run the promotion B1G1 1/2 off.. Can't beat it!

I love the trendy distressed denim, especially around the ankles! The distressed around the ankles is a newer trend and I'm obsessed. Does distressed denim scream high school? My hubby thinks so, but I can't get enough of it! What do you guys think?

Hello cute booties.. 

..finding ankle booties that don't draw too much attention to my thicker thighs is difficult. These are a dream! I recommend sizing down with these types of booties. They have a flared loose feel to them, and can look bulky if they are too large. 
My local Francesca's had them in black and I am debating on picking them up! These are my newest favorite pair of shoes.. It's like slipping on a pair of sneakers, but a bit more dressy!

Next Post I am sharing a easy Holiday look that is so simple! (I will also share some details on my favorite Red Lip Look.)

Love Always,
Tiffany Glass