Comfy & Casual Date Night In Outfit

Details: Leggings (Size M & Under $30) |||  Slouchy Top (Same Brand & Similar Style) ||| Bralette (No Support, but I am obsessed with it!) ||| & Wifey Mug

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I wanted to share one of my favorite "Date Night In" outfits. My Hubby & I love to cook dinners together so we often eat in! We plan 3 new pinterest meals a week (a bit excessive I know). It keeps our meal times exciting. 

Yes, Cody and I are newly weds, but we have been together for over 9 years. I still like to dress cute, even if we are just lounging around the house. Feeling pretty really helps me feel confident, though Cody could care less if I wear makeup. 

I love a slouchy off the shoulder top. This one is absolutely perfect! It has an asymmetrical cut, I linked a similar one from the same company. The material is so soft; it feels like pajamas!

The lace details of this bralette are noteworthy! It comes in 3 shades; black, grey, and white. Now I want to own all 3. WARNING: if you are larger busted, skip this bralette. It provides absolutely no support. I am not busty whatsoever, so this is perfect!


Even prior to getting married, I obsessed over everything "Wifey" and still do. ILY Couture is my go to for the most adorable "wifey" attire. I own their classic "Wifey" Sweatshirt and T-shirt. SO CUTE!

So glad I could share this super cozy date night in outfit.

Tiffany Glass

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